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Sign Back to the pines - Nelsons Designs

Jeans day care - Nelsons Designs

Buffalo River State Park sign small

Salmon Excursions Sign - Nelsons Designs Sign Jasons Garage - Nelsons Designs

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Scenic State Park Donor Plaque small

Custom signs to your specifications. 3D detail can be added to your sign if desired as in the trees, trucks and fish above. Letters can be made in any size and most fonts. We have several sign outlines to choose from or can customize to your ideas. Texture can be applied to the background of the sign. Free estimates.

Installation available.


Current Base pricing:

Depends a lot on design, size and material used.

Sample prices:

     Basic v-carved sign with just text on a 1 X 8 X 12 inch board - $15.00.

     Back to the Pines and Jason's Garage type sign - $300.00

     Jeans Daycare sign with fluted posts - $450.

     Stake pocket signs laminated 2X4 cedar boards -$250.00 each.

Buffalo River State Park sign was made to fit existing frame and custom painting of prairie chicken added on separate panel.

Scenic State Park donor plaque was made using milled pine boards from the park.

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