Crosby Manitou State Park Kiosk

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

This is a project I worked on while working for Tettegouche State Park. It used large and quite heavy green treated logs and has a cedar shake roof. The joints were cut using a chainsaw and grinder with a lancelot attachment. The footings were cement sauna tubes approximately 4 feet deep with a steel rod embedded in the center and left up approximately one foot above the footing. Each log then had a hole drilled in the bottom which was set over the steel rod. Main front center and cross logs were pinned with a birch dowel otherwise Timberlock screws were used (10" mostly). After a couple of years the green treated joints are becoming a little wider. All of the joints were an interesting challenge but the four main logs resting on top of the front center support was the most challenging. Bulletin boards were made of a 2X4 frame screwed to the side logs and then plywood scribed to the logs was put over the frame on both sides.

Crosby Manitou Kiosk side viewCrosby Manitou Kiosk front cross sectionCrosby Manitou Kiosk one back cornerCrosby Manitou Kiosk second back cornerCrosby Manitou Kiosk octopusCrosby Manitou Kiosk front view