Crosby Manitou State Park sign posts

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

This was a project I worked on while working at Tettegouche State Park. It also involved very large and heavy green treated posts. We poured a concrete base about 5 feet by 14 feet by two feet deep with 1/4 inch thick metal T posts embedded into the concrete and about 4 foot out of the concrete. Base was laced with grids of rebar. Side posts were saddled and the main cross log lifted in place with a tractor took several attempts to get a good fit. Log joints were fitted using chainsaw and grinder with lancelot attachment. Main side logs were bolted to the T posts in three places. Composite shims were used under the logs to firm up the log assemblies. Timberlock screws were used to fasten logs together. Used a laser level to line up the saddle cuts at the top of the logs. Several people from the CCM (Conservation Corp of Minnesota) covered the base with rock from a nearby pit.

Crosby Manitou sign posts junction 1Crosby Manitou sign posts second junctionCrosby Manitou sign posts whole view