Dining Room Light Fixture

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This is a project done for our dining room. One of my first experiences with wood bending. I used a 10 foot piece of 4 inch PVC pipe with caps on each end. One cap had a small hole to let out the steam the other had a hole large enough to fit the hose from a clothes/curtain steamer. Just put the piece in and let set for a half our or so until it would bend. Then put the piece in a mold I made out of plywood with the curve I needed to form the shape. There is an electrical junction box in the bottom of the center column which is accessed by removing the bottom cap. Wires are run through UL rated plastic flexible conduit through the spokes to the individual lights. Made from oak and black ash. Ceiling medallion is made from trupan (a type of mdf that has low formaldehyde). Mounted to the ceiling using Timberlock screws into 2X4's .

Dining room ceiling light fixture Dining room ceiling light fixture