Retaining Wall

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

This project was started in the summer of 2011. Involved 22 plus pallets of landscape blocks and numerous loads of pit run, class 5 and topsoil. A used Kubota L35 tractor was purchased for this project. The tractor did everything I asked it too including removing several large stumps and moving large rocks as well as the blocks.

Starting out the base needed to be created along the 150 or so feet of the project. This was accomplished with the backhoe attachment of the tractor. Then the 6-12 inch base of class 5 was placed in the trench and tamped down. Using a laser level and hand level the base blocks were laid out and tamped with a rubber mallet until they were level front and back and side to side (this was the hardest part of the whole project). 3/4 washed crushed rock was placed behind each block at least 12 inches thick all the way to the top layer.

LM Retaining wall start

Next covered drain tile was placed behind the blocks and tapered down to the back side of the wall and blocks built up. On the 4th and 8th rows special fabric was put down approximately 3 feet wide and the block was placed on top of this fabric and covered with crushed rock. Each block is filled with crushed rock also all the way up.

LM Retaining wall step2  LM Retaining wall step 3

Finished product with red cap blocks cut and glued in place. Cap blocks are heavy and were cut with a tile saw purchased from Harbor Freight. The saw would not quite cut through so each block had to be flipped and the cut finished.

LM Retaining wall finished  LM Retaining wall finishedLM Retaining wall finished