Temperance River State Park Kiosk

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

Worked on this project while working at Tettegouche State Park. Another one with large green treated logs. This project was built in the shop and assembled mostly on site. We used bases made out of 6X6 timbers kind of like a crib to hold the posts in place on the shop floor. Layout was on the cement floor using site measurements for angles as this had to fit precisely around an existing cement walkway. Carving was done with chainsaw and grinder with the lancelot attachment. Steel bases were welded up at the shop and individually fit to the logs. These bases were bolted onto the logs at the site. Bulletin boards were bolted onto angle iron which was fastened to the logs. Bulletin board log cross members were mortise and tennon joints pinned with fiberglass pins to the upright logs. Top logs were routed to match the individual support log tops. Structure was assembled and tilted into empty sauna tubes with the tractor and braced in place (several people involved in this process). Top logs were fastened at this time. Sauna tubes then were filled with concrete and allowed to firm up.

Temperance River Kiosk full viewTemperance River Kiosk left junctionTemperance River Kiosk middle junctionTemperance River Kiosk right junctionTemperance River Kiosk back plywood