Temperance River steps to fishermans access

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

Worked on this project while working at Tettegouche State Park. Steps from the upstream parking lot on HWY 61 at Temperance River State Park lead to the fisherman's access. These C steps and two more sets of stairs on the way to the river. Second set of steps were made using stringers and metal angle iron for step brackets. The third and final steps were also made with stringers and metal angle iron for step brackets however the third set was attached using cable to an avian basket underneath the stairs to attempt to keep it from washing away under high water conditions. The third step is also epoxied into a larger rock beneath the stairs. We also poured a small concrete slab between the second and third stairs - these stairs are attached by bolts to the slab.

pictures to come.