Cabinet door refacing

N e l s o n s   D e s i g n s

We can add V carving or a 3D relief to the front of either a new or already existing cabinet door to give your cabinets a unique look. These doors must be solid core centers and if they are to be stained we recommend they be solid wood. We do not normally provide the doors just the carving on your doors. We can order doors per your specifications if desired and machine them at our shop.

Prices vary depending on what you would like on the door. We have several 3D reliefs available also 2D reliefs for V carving. We can also work with your designs be it a picture or drawing.

Complex 3d relief:

Eagle relief small

Simple 2d V carving:

Flower v carve small

As you can see by the examples the amount of detail is far greater with the 3d relief. 3D is time consuming thus higher costs are involved.

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